Cover Reveal: As You Wake (In Your Dreams #2)

As You Wake cover reveal

I’ve been teasing the cover reveal for As You Wake (In Your Dreams #2) for a while now, using this awful generic book cover picture:

cover reveal

I’m happy to be able to put Generic Book Cover away (until I need it to do teasers for the cover reveal for my next book–tee, hee) and finally reveal the real cover for As You Wake:

As You Wake cover reveal

 As You Wake cover reveal


I know I’m biased, but I think the cover is fabulous. 🙂 Thanks once again to the amazing Mel from ninjaMel Designs for her hard work on the beautiful cover (she designed the cover for In Your Dreams as well). The heart charm has significance, but you’ll have to read the book (or read the preview, available here) to find out what that significance is (the teases just keep coming, don’t they? :))

Now that the cover reveal is complete, I’ll give you a friendly reminder (and, perhaps, a bit of a gentle nudge) that the the e-book version of As You Wake will be available on Amazon starting Tuesday, April 30. The book should start showing up (in both e-book and print) at other retailers (Barnes and Noble online, iTunes, Smashwords, etc.).

[And, if you’ve been paying attention to recent posts, you know that the Smashwords edition is already available. So, if you can’t wait for the other e-versions or the print version, head on over and getcha one!].

If you’re a book blogger, you can request review copies of As You Wake in your preferred format right here (you can also request a review copy of In Your Dreams). Thanks to everyone who has requested a copy already–y’all are awesome. If you’re not a book blogger but know someone who is, feel free to spread the word about the request form.

Thanks for stopping by for the As You Wake cover reveal. Hope you’re geeking on the cover as much as I have been for the last few weeks. 🙂

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  1. By Sarah on

    The cover is so beautiful. I’m so excited, after reading In Your Dreams I’ve been waiting for this (not so patiently haha) 🙂


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