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As The White Raven was my first foray into the writing world, I needed to be sure I had what it took to pull it off. Not just from a writing style standpoint but from plotting and pacing as well—all those things that make up a great story that people want to read. The manuscript critique Amy gave me was immensely helpful on many levels. In her gentle and caring way, she pointed out where I needed improvement and where I’d missed some things. Things that made me smack myself in the forehead over! As a writer, you are so close to those words for so long, you can no longer see the problems even though you know they are there. Having an unbiased pair of eyes review your work is so important! She gave me the confidence to believe that I could really do this, and tips on how to make the story stronger and more engaging. I got the feeling from Amy that she genuinely cared about the success of the novel. Her support and guidance was key to my going forward.

–Carrie D. Miller, author of The White Raven


Amy’s manuscript critiquing service was invaluably helpful to me. She offered the fresh pair of eyes my novel desperately needed, and obviously took great care and attention over her reading of the book. Her feedback was insightful, encouraging and constructive. It was clear to me that Amy took 

books-1419613-639x426a genuine interest in the novel and she went out of her way to offer the assistance I needed. And I’m incredibly grateful to her for identifying parts where the manuscript could be tightened, because I’d reached the point where I could no longer see the wood for the trees. I wouldn’t hesitate to call on her help again.

–S.A. Ellis, author of Disremembered

During a period between jobs, I noticed that my resume and cover letters were not getting the attention or traction I desired. Amy spent a good hour on the phone with me, asking directed questions about my experience, project management methods, understanding of IT and business acumen. Between my existing resume and the conversation, she turned my resume and cover letters from uninspiring to noteworthy.resume-2-1616792-640x480

Within fifteen days post-edit, and distributing her iteration of these documents, I was called into an interview and landed a fabulous position that is increasing my professional experience and my personal income. A true definition of Win-Win.

I think my success in landing this current job had everything to do with Amy’s skill in analyzing my resume’s layout, using HR keywords, industry buzzwords, and working hard to understanding her client’s strengths. if you need help with presenting yourself to potential employers, or the public, you really must contact Amy Martin. She can take your documents and make them work in your favor.

–Sreedhar “Sree” Yedavalli, PMP
IT Project Manager




Amy was a tremendous help as I navigated my way through writing my first romance novel and the self-publishing process. Her feedback on my story —including plot, characters and overall structure —were critical to the rewriting process. And ultimately, because I trusted Amy to provide honest and thorough work, Amy line-edited the last version. Amy’s expertise got me to the finish line.

–M. Tsuki, a Dōjini author, author of Circumstance and Destiny


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