Marilyn Peake: Friday Author Feature

Let’s extend a warm Friday Author Feature welcome to Marilyn Peake. Marilyn Peake is the author of Shade. Marilyn Peake Thanks to her offbeat mother, Shade’s full name is Galactic Shade Griffin. Having a name like that while being the new girl in school is pretty much catnip for bullies. The summer before Shade’s junior year of high school, her mother breaks up with yet another boyfriend and moves them once again to a new town. This time, they move into a dilapidated old house where Shade has an entire attic bedroom to herself—at least until she discovers it’s haunted by the ghost of a teenaged boy named Brandon Yates. When Shade’s best friend goes missing, her life becomes even more complicated. With the help of Brandon who’s struggling with his own issues in the world beyond, Shade faces the question of whether or not she has what it takes to become a true hero. Although this novel deals with a number of serious issues—drug and alcohol abuse, cutting, and disturbing world events—it’s primarily a novel about a teenaged girl finding out who she really is and that she’s capable of so much more than she ever thought possible. SHADE is a YA Mystery novel with Paranormal elements.

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How long have you been writing?

In high school, I wrote short stories and poems and articles for several local newspapers.  Years later, I started writing novels.  After three “practice novels,” I finally published the fourth novel I wrote.  That was a middle grade children’s novel that I later expanded into a trilogy.  I’ve now published many short stories and five novels.

What inspired you to write this book?

As I came up with ideas for writing my first YA novel, I became inspired by a number of things that resulted in SHADE, a Young Adult Mystery novel with Paranormal elements.  Most of my stories revolve around social and psychological issues, and SHADE is no different.  Certain issues in the news spurred me on to write this novel.  As the story progressed, the spunky and courageous personality of the main character, Shade, inspired me to just keep on developing her story.

I always feel thrilled when readers come to understand Shade on a deep and personal level.  I was delighted when Mme. Mitchell Shirley, a reviewer on Amazon, wrote: “I not only fell for Shade instantly – I very quickly BECAME Shade. How is this possible? I am from a different culture and a different background as well as from a different era. It is all down to the author who drew me in, pulled me along, suspended my disbelief.”  Here’s the entire review:


Which character is your favorite and why?

Definitely Shade!  She’s spunky, outspoken, smart, and often hilarious in her sarcasm.  She’s loyal, someone her friends can count on.  She’s open-minded, even when discovering a ghost in her attic bedroom.  She actually manages to get him a cell phone on which he plays games using a stylus floating in the air!

What advice do you have for young authors?

To read books in all genres, to take classes and read books about writing, to practice writing, and to never give up!  Also, very importantly, to daydream and use your imagination.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Read, travel, photograph (especially travel photography) and spend time with my family.

Thanks to Marilyn Peake for stopping by the Friday Author Feature!